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Dallas Family Photographer {Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow}

     Welcome!  Perhaps you are here to learn a bit about my photography, if so then I am happy you stopped by.  I am here after a long journey – one that began as a child and was most definitely rekindled by having my own child.  Missy Mayo Photography began as a seed planted when I was dubbed the “family photographer” for countless Christmases, birthdays, and celebrations.  I was, and still am, a sentimental person who loves to record happiness and fond memories.  My love for photography grew in high school when I received my first film SLR and began taking dark room classes at the local art school.  I easily found inspiration in my younger siblings and the eclectic locals of my hometown.  And then, I took a break.  A very long break in which film no longer was the standard and the digital world came colliding in.  After college I longed to get back in photography, but it seemed overwhelming and downright expensive once digital replaced film.  It wasn’t until 2010 that my husband gave me a very generous gift, a Canon Rebel, that I was able to reignite  my love for all things photography related.  The following year our son was born and I went crazy documenting every little smile, first, and adventure.  Most of my early photographs were pretty terrible, but I practiced daily and increasingly honed my craft so that I found “my style.”  I joined photography groups, online forums, took classes, read countless books and articles – basically devouring any and all photography resources that I could get my hands on.  But mostly, I just took pictures.  I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures every single day.  Yet despite that I constantly felt a need for more – who else could I photograph?  What other aspects of photography had I not yet touched on?  I excitedly said YES anytime a friend or family member asked me to take pictures of their family.   I needed more.  The seed for a business, my business, was there but it took lots of courage and determination to finally take the plunge and officially begin Missy Mayo Photography.  So here I am  – the result of a little acorn of truth I know about myself.  I am a photographer.

Welcome to Missy Mayo Photography.