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Flower Mound Senior Photographer {Downtown McKinney with Kyle}

When I had my senior photos taken (which was not SO in the distant past), I remember excitedly arriving to the photo studio all ready for my 30 minute session.  I had carefully chosen my two backdrops –  a bland pale blue for head shots and a “serene” stream/lake set for the rest.  I permasmiled for the entire session, tilted my head this way and that, placed my hands just so against my cheek, and carefully followed the photographer’s directions on how to properly sit on the plastic log for an authentic outdoorsy look. Ha!  But that was exactly how senior portraits were ALL done.  I was happy, my mom was happy, and now I can look back and laugh at those funny pictures.

Now, of course, senior portraits can be done much differently.  Personality, hobbies, future plans, likes/dislikes – they are all revealed within the images.  I LOVE that.  And I love that I have the opportunity to show you a little bit about Kyle – he’s a Class of 2013 Senior with one heck of a bright future.   We had a great session last weekend – and I didn’t even make him sit on any fake plastic logs.