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10 Month Baby Pictures… She’s Growing Up! {Flower Mound Baby Photographer}

You guys.  Baby fever is for real.  And I have it.  Big time.  And yes, I do know that I have a baby.  But, gosh, she is already 10 months old.  She might as well be hopping on the back of her boyfriend’s Harley on the way to her senior prom.  I’m obviously being VERY dramatic, but it’s just hard for me to face that she is nearly a one year old….I would have her as a baby forever.  If you had this sweet girl, you would feel the same.  She is all smiles, cuddles, and happy claps.  She loves peek-a-boo, her brother’s toys, and crackers.  Oh but there is a dark side too – she has what we affectionately call the “warrior cry” that bellows out right before pulling hair, scratching faces, or pinching skin.  Ha! She’s a tough little thing.

She most definitely gives me baby fever.  I am positively crazy for this little one and want a million more of her.

2014-11-13_000210 month baby photos in a fieldFlower Mound Baby Photographer