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Flower Mound Child Photographer {Snow in Flower Mound?}

Do you remember last year how Dallas had TWO really good snows?  One before Christmas and one after.  I absolutely loved it and have thought of those few days all year long.  Our family made the best memories during that time.  We took our son sledding for the first time and I am pretty positive I have never had more fun watching him.  One of my favorite photos of him sledding was posted here on my Facebook page.  Anyhow, the Mayo’s are ready.  We have brand new sleds, thick coats, and plenty of hot chocolate.  Of course the only problem is that it hasn’t actually snowed here in Flower Mound.  And judging by the nearly 70 degree day we had yesterday, I’m guessing I better not hold my breath.

At the beginning of the fall season (you know, when they start putting Christmas stuff out in SEPTEMBER) I purchased a couple of bags of fake snow.  I thought it would be a fun prop to use with my clients (it was!) and I knew I wanted to use it with my kids somehow.  Reese is going to have a “Winter One-derland” birthday party, so I toyed with the idea of Beckett throwing snow on her for the front of her invitation.  And then I realized that it probably wouldn’t be the best idea for the baby to eat shaved plastic!  So the snow sat in the back of my closet for a couple of months.  And day I was perusing Clickin Moms when I saw that  mom had taken images of her daughter throwing fake snow.  (She did hers with a backdrop and I just used my garage.) It was all of the motivation I needed to do my own snow photos with Beckett.  While it didn’t compare to last year’s real snow, we both had a great time and this was a lot of fun.


indoor snow "Flower Mound""Flower Mound" child photographer"Flower Mound" indoor snowsnowing in "Flower Mound"


Seriously.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  I had a great time taking these pictures and my son had a blast getting “snowed” on.  My number one tip for taking pictures of your children with REAL and JOYFUL smiles?  Do something they love.  Let it be more about them than about the image.


Finally, as I mentioned previously I did do some fake snow images with my clients this year.  This one was definitely one of my favorites!


fake snowfight