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Fog in Dallas

Last week I was having a lazy morning. My son had climbed into bed with me and he watched a cartoon while I sipped coffee and flipped through a magazine. My bedroom happens to have two huge walls of windows, affording me a perfect view of the sunrise.  This particular morning, however, the sun didn’t shine. Instead I began to notice a blanket of fog covering my yard and neighborhood. It’s not every day that Dallas gets fog! I scrambled out of bed, grabbed my camera, and kissed my bewildered husband goodbye as I headed outside.  I walked to our neighbor’s property and had a little fun with their pet longhorn (we’re in Texas, ya’ll) and my fresh-out-of-the-box Lensbaby creative blur lens.  I’m sure I was quite a site in my pajamas and rain boots! At one point one of my other neighbors came out to say hello and ask me if it was normal to take pictures in the fog.  That poor man had the same bewildered look as my husband, ha!

I had a good time that morning… here are a few photos of Flower Mound covered in fog.

flower mound fogfog in flower moundfog in dallaslonghorn for photo2014-12-17_0001