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Tips for Taking Photos of Your Kids in the Snow | Flower Mound Photographer

Surprise!  Another snow day!  In March!  It’s certainly hard to believe we are having winter weather so late, but this beautiful snow is a welcome sight for a photographer.  Yesterday I posted photos of my family enjoying the snow and received so many questions that I thought I would offer three tips for you.


1.) First and foremost, be prepared for the weather!  Dress your child head to foot in warm clothes and layers. In fact, I purposefully wore one less layer than my three year old son.  This way I knew when it was time to go inside and didn’t have to rely on a sudden meltdown to tell me my toddler was already too cold.  The best part of dressing for the snow is the opportunity to use bright colors to accentuate your child against the white of the snow.  Bold color instantly adds a bit of joy and punch to your images!  In addition, I brought a cloth to wipe my son’s nose, an extra scarf wrapped around my camera to protect it, and fingerless gloves so that my hands would still be covered as I operated my camera.

Flower Mound Snow

2.) Let your kid be a kid.  Your child is most likely bouncing off the walls to taste a snowflake on their tongue, sled down a hill, and engage in a snowball fight or two.  Don’t stop them!  The magic is capturing them with sheer joy on their face!  My favorite photos of my son are ALWAYS the ones where his smile is genuine and he is being himself.  Focus on playing with your child and even outdoing your child’s excitement!  Not only will you create wonderful memories, but you are sure to take photos that have real meaning.

In this image my son was the “Mean Ice T-Rex” and I was the prey.  He chased me up a small hill.  When I got to the top I turned around, snapped two pictures, then got eaten.  I never stopped our fun to take photos.

How to take photos of kids in snow

How to take photos of kids in snow


3.) Finally, try as many different angels as you can.  Think getting above and below your child.  Don’t always center them in the middle of the camera frame.

For this image I was on my stomach in order to capture my son sledding down the hill.  If I was standing above him, you wouldn’t have clearly seen the the look of joy on his face.

Flower Mound Family Photographer Tips for Photos in the Snow


Here I was standing on a chair above him.

Flower Mound Snow Photography


And for some of my readers that live in an even warmer client than Dallas, you too can STILL take snow photos!  Yep!  Check out my “faux snow” post here. 


I hope these tips help you to get great images of your family in the snow!  We are about to head outside and make a few more memories together.  You can follow our snow day pictures on Facebook or Instagram.  If you have any additional questions about taking pictures in the snow, please feel free to email me at missy@missymayophotography.com.  Have fun!

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Dallas Snow Photography

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