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Galveston Getaway

The summer was slipping through my fingers and I realized more than halfway through that I was desperate for a family trip to the beach. My son and I had been to Florida with my family in May, but I wanted us ALL to be together.  The reality of planning a last minute beach trip with a does-not-like-car-rides/head-strong/fiesty/restaurant-terror one year old PLUS a four year sounded exhausting.  But that was the thing…. I was just sorta EXHAUSTED.  All the time.  Nothing serious  – just (and I say JUST, haha) the usual momma tiredness.  A beach trip with two small children would not be restorative.  At all. But I knew it would be in other ways – because I was craving memories with my children in an environment where I was completely focused on THEM.  No house to clean, photos to edit, emails to write… just us. I will always be the first to admit that I am a 10x more of a stellar mom when I take my kiddos out of the house to do things rather than stay at our home.

So we headed to Galveston for a few days.  It was a short trip.  Yet when you all share a bed and start your day at 4:30am on the beach, it does seem to be a bit longer :).

Anyhow, mission accomplished.  These are some of my very favorite memories with my family together.  And Galveston is gorgeous, by the way.

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