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The Incomparable Adele and Being a Photographer {Dallas Family Photographer}

“With your loving, there ain’t nothing
That I can’t adore
The way I’m running, with you, honey
Is we can break every low
I find it funny that you’re the only
One I never looked for
There is something in your loving
That tears down my walls”

Adele: “The Sweetest Devotion”  {Written after the birth of her son}


Last night I had the absolute pleasure of going to the Adele concert in Dallas.  It was her 99th concert of her tour (of 107, I believe).  I would have thought that after performing 99 times, there might be a weak link…. a little less oomph, a slight mistake, a bit of tiredness.  Nope, nada.  She killed it.  It was AMAZING.

Why am I writing about Adele when clearly I have a beautiful family session to show you?  Well, Adele is a bit of a talker.  She chatted quite a bit (in her adorable accent that made me want to “hop the pond” and visit London).  One of my favorite things that she talked about was her inspiration and the STORY behind each song.  I loved hearing the background and what the lyrics mean to her. The lyrics to “The Sweetest Devotion” were written right after the birth of her son.  She opened up about the rush of love and life changing moment she had when she first laid eyes on him.  I think all of us mommas can relate!

Now I consider myself an artist, but I am NO ADELE.  Yet I felt a kinship last night about portraying a story and expressing what’s on the heart.  Of course, when I take pictures I am trying to tell another family’s story but there is still so much of my own influence there.  Generally I am thinking of my own family and children – their ages & stages and what I would want to have captured if I was in my client’s shoes.

For instance, right now my kids are ALL ABOUT DAD.  They love rough housing and being silly with him in a way that I could never duplicate.  And I love that.  So lately I have been trying hard to focus on the playfulness and silliness that dads can naturally evoke from their children.

And for the mommas?  Well, lately I must admit to having a bit of baby fever.  I’m not getting pregnant again, but GOSH I WANT TO SNUGGLE MY LITTLE BABIES again.  In this sweet session, that was a priority for me… I wanted to capture baby snuggles.


So, those are my “Adele Inspired” thoughts behind a few favorite images from this beautiful session.  It was an honor to photograph this family!  (Momma is a fabulous newborn photog, by the way!!)