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Adriatica Senior Session

Let’s talk about babysitters.  If you haven’t read this article from Scary Mommy before, do it.  So true and funny! Obviously, when you start searching for a babysitter you are looking for some key things – are they trustworthy, good with kids, punctual, honest, etc.  I think you also want to make sure they can deal with your brand of crazy pretty well.  In our house that means animal hunting with our son and an aversion to clothing (except princess dresses) for our daughter.

You see this beautiful girl? Our family is lucky enough to call Hannah our babysitter!  My kids LOVE her.  Like really, really love her.  And we do too! However I think she must be slightly crazy too, because she keeps willingly coming to our house to watch Steve Irwin Junior and Princess Anna the Second.  Aside from the time that the “family pet lizard” (our son’s description, NOT mine) lost his tail and sweet Hannah let our son study it under the microscope and do other “experiments” as it wiggled, I do believe Hannah has mostly walked away from our house unscathed and not too mentally tortured.

Congratulations, Hannah, on your upcoming graduation!  We adore you!