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My Birthday on the Beach

This summer was a “semi” kinda big birthday for me. 35. Not the big 40, but a milestone for sure. The number doesn’t really get to me, but I will say that the 34-35 year has made its appearance known – creaky bones, permanent eye crinkles, yada yada. Those that are older than me are shaking their heads, “just wait.” Those that are younger are saying “yeah, yeah. You’re old, what do you expect?” 🙂 I guess when you still feel like you are in your 20’s, but you look in the mirror and don’t see your fresh faced 20 year old self anymore it is kinda shocking, ha!

Anyhow, this is not a sad Debbie Downer post. Really, 35 (so far) has been pretty dang great. So when thinking of what I wanted to do for my (semi) big birthday, I decided that I would NOT think of creeping age spots or spider veins and instead do my most favorite thing in the world – take a trip with my family. Because my birthday is so close to the 4th of July, we thought it would be fun to celebrate at the beach.

Along the way we stopped at Goliad State Park (a really unique place) before getting to Port Aransas. Once we finally made it, we were shocked at the HUGE party on the beach! The weekend before the 4th is THE party time for Port A. It’s like a mini Cancun Spring break, but much more family friendly :).

This was our first time to Port A and we really liked it, even more so than Galveston. The extra drive time wasn’t bad and we plan to go back as soon as the area is ready for us! The hurricane has completely wiped out everything – a fact I can’t even wrap my head around. But, I know that tourism brings money to the local businesses and families and aside from donations, it is a fun way for our family to support a city we loved.