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Is there anything more bittersweet than the ONE year birthday?  So many emotions are wrapped up in that day.  For both of my children I felt this countdown starting from the minute they were born…….. the days of their true babyhood ticking down to their first birthday.  And while there is just nothing better than sweet baby snuggles (in my humble opinion), the daily surprises of learning and personality that come is also pretty dang amazing.

This sweet boy was having a woodsy nature theme birthday party (And if I remember correctly, it was later on the same day we shot these.  Talk about a super momma!).  Everything from the teepee to the woodland cake was thought out perfectly!  Happy First Birthday, Sweet Boy!


A giant downpour of rain might be an ominous start to a photo session, but lucky for us water was a pretty important part of our photography location!  Stone Creek Park in Flower Mound is a beautiful little spot and the perfect setting for a couple of sweet little boys who like playing, splashing, and laughing.  With all of the rain Dallas has had this spring, we were fortunate to have a flowing creek area yet plenty of good climbing rocks.

And can we just pause for a sec and talk  about these sweet brothers’ outfits?  I mean, I could just gobble them up they are so cute.  Every time I photograph them their momma has the best clothes picked out.  Simple with an old fashioned/classic twist!


Laughter is the soundtrack of childhood. I think one of the most important things I should capture when photographing children is their laugh.  In a photograph you may not hear it, but I know that you can feel it.  I work really hard to get that laugh in a session.  It’s way more important to me than their “cheese face” (aka the dreaded fake smile).  With that laughter comes messy hair and imperfect posture, but it’s real and it’s far more of a true portrait than their fake smile. Anyhow, this session was full of laughter.  Mostly from me, because this sweet pea was ADORABLE and I think she “got” me and all of my silliness.  We snuck in a few shots of big brother too, and the pair of them together made for one hilarious duo.  Enjoy!



On a whim, this weekend our family went to the Keller Lion’s Club Fair.  It’s just a local rides/games only event – but the perfect manageable size for a 4 year old and 19 month old.  We spent $20 and it was worth every penny.  Bumper cars or “crash cars” were rode twice and deemed the fair favorite.  I was elected to ride the never ending Ferris Wheel and remained dizzy the rest of the evening :).  Kiddos were thrilled and I was in my happy place taking photos.  If we hadn’t needed to leave early I would have LOVED to get some night photos of the fair, but I was treated to one of the most gorgeous sunset skies I have seen in Dallas in a long time.  Even my husband suggested we pull over to snap a few pictures.  It was a good time had by all.

Lions Club FairKeller Lions Club Fair2015-08-15_0009Family photos dallas fairDallas Fair PhotographFair Photo ShootBumper cars, Flower Mound PhotographerDallas PhotographerDallas Family Photographer at the Fair

My son started riding his bike (without training wheels) at three.  Three!!  He loves riding his bike and hardly goes a day without testing a new trick, adding a new scrape, and providing fresh gray hairs to my head.  Can you relate?

One day when my sweet boy stands a foot taller than me I hope he remembers the many hours we spent biking together.  How we tried to lay “rubber dubber” on the concrete and race to the finish. (He usually legitimately wins.)  They are some of my most cherished moments with him.

bicycling in Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound Children

silhouette bicycling image


Just yesterday I finally noticed bluebonnets along the road in Flower Mound!  When my son saw them he yelled, “BLUEBONNETS!  Are you gonna take my picture, Momma?”  I smiled.  Of course I was going to take his picture!  His excited statement brought back memories of my own mother taking pictures of me in the flowers.  Growing up in Oklahoma we didn’t have bluebonnets, but we did have azaleas.  Woodward Park is practically a Tulsa landmark.  In the spring it is covered in acres of delicate azalea blooms.  Each year my mother would take me to Woodward park for our annual photos.  I was always dressed in bonnets, bows, and frilly dresses.  I would even smear some of her frosty pink 80’s lipstick across my lips.  She diligently recorded my every smile, laugh, and “over it” frown among the azaleas.  Every year (even as recently as this past weekend) my mom reminds me that I NEED to take the kids up to Tulsa for azalea pictures.  I always laugh. (They do have azaleas here in Dallas, Mom.)  And we have bluebonnets.  Which are kind of like my children’s azaleas.  Every year we get dressed up for our annual photos.  This year my daughter is in a frilly Easter outfit and hair bow and one day I am sure she will smear my very hip and trendy lipstick (!!!) across her lips.  The pictures are prizes to me – a benchmark for how much they have grown from year to year.  Hurray for the bluebonnets!

Dallas Bluebonnet PhotographerDallas Bluebonnet photosBluebonnet photo sessions DallasBluebonnets in DFWDallas Photographer Bluebonnet Mini SessionsBluebonnets in Flower MoundBluebonnet photo session Flower MoundFlower Mound Family Photographer Bluebonnetsphoto session digital images bluebonnetsbluebonnet photographer Flower Mound



I have been working through editing some of the many, MANY photos taken in 2014 that I never had time to edit.  To have literally THOUSANDS of images stuck on my hard drive and not edited, let alone printed, gnaws at my Type A self.  But the mother in me actually loves it.  I stumbled across these images of my son that were taken 9 months ago.  As he sits on my lap while I edit them (he loves to do this) we talk about that day.  How we saw a moss covered turtle in the water, the big splashes he made with his walking stick, and later when we walked over to the park so that sister could go on the swing.  I look at the big boy sitting on my lap and compare him to the images on my screen.  The loss of “baby” in his cheeks, how he is taller and leaner….. I could go on and on.

This business of children growing up.  Sigh.  I am forever stuck in an emotional tug of war between the loss of one childhood stage and the gain of another.


boy at the creekFlower Mound Portraitsportraits in Flower MoundFlower Mound Photographer Stone Creekchild portraits in Flower Mound




Ugh, it’s been cold.  We had a nice run of beautiful weather, but February has made it’s presence known around here lately.  Cold weather with small children….. hmmmm, yes I’m sure many of you mommas understand.  Here are things I do to entertain my children on super cold days – really long extra bubbly baths, make indoor forts, bake treats, and jump on the bed.  Yep, jumping on the bed is a favorite around here.  Beckett loves to do his best “tricks” for me and he LOVES for me to take his picture doing it.  (Yes, I am one of those lucky photographers whose child hasn’t yet been scarred by the camera.)  Anyhow, the other day he made sure I got my camera out.  He wanted to see how high his “feets” could go :).

Best Childrens Photographer in Flower Mound, TX

These three just couldn’t be any cuter if they tried.  I was so happy when this sweet family messaged me about photographing their three children again.  We met in Flower Mound at the Creek – a popular spot for photographers for many reasons!  The creek just calls for children to play, explore, and fall in.  Yep, we did manage to hit on all three of those :).  But a little water on brother didn’t stop us from having a perfect session.  These sweet kiddos truly have me smiling from ear to ear!


natural light photographer Flower MoundStone Creek Flower MoundFlower Mound Creek Photos



Do you remember last year how Dallas had TWO really good snows?  One before Christmas and one after.  I absolutely loved it and have thought of those few days all year long.  Our family made the best memories during that time.  We took our son sledding for the first time and I am pretty positive I have never had more fun watching him.  One of my favorite photos of him sledding was posted here on my Facebook page.  Anyhow, the Mayo’s are ready.  We have brand new sleds, thick coats, and plenty of hot chocolate.  Of course the only problem is that it hasn’t actually snowed here in Flower Mound.  And judging by the nearly 70 degree day we had yesterday, I’m guessing I better not hold my breath.

At the beginning of the fall season (you know, when they start putting Christmas stuff out in SEPTEMBER) I purchased a couple of bags of fake snow.  I thought it would be a fun prop to use with my clients (it was!) and I knew I wanted to use it with my kids somehow.  Reese is going to have a “Winter One-derland” birthday party, so I toyed with the idea of Beckett throwing snow on her for the front of her invitation.  And then I realized that it probably wouldn’t be the best idea for the baby to eat shaved plastic!  So the snow sat in the back of my closet for a couple of months.  And day I was perusing Clickin Moms when I saw that  mom had taken images of her daughter throwing fake snow.  (She did hers with a backdrop and I just used my garage.) It was all of the motivation I needed to do my own snow photos with Beckett.  While it didn’t compare to last year’s real snow, we both had a great time and this was a lot of fun.


indoor snow "Flower Mound""Flower Mound" child photographer"Flower Mound" indoor snowsnowing in "Flower Mound"


Seriously.  SO. MUCH. FUN.  I had a great time taking these pictures and my son had a blast getting “snowed” on.  My number one tip for taking pictures of your children with REAL and JOYFUL smiles?  Do something they love.  Let it be more about them than about the image.


Finally, as I mentioned previously I did do some fake snow images with my clients this year.  This one was definitely one of my favorites!


fake snowfight

You guys.  Baby fever is for real.  And I have it.  Big time.  And yes, I do know that I have a baby.  But, gosh, she is already 10 months old.  She might as well be hopping on the back of her boyfriend’s Harley on the way to her senior prom.  I’m obviously being VERY dramatic, but it’s just hard for me to face that she is nearly a one year old….I would have her as a baby forever.  If you had this sweet girl, you would feel the same.  She is all smiles, cuddles, and happy claps.  She loves peek-a-boo, her brother’s toys, and crackers.  Oh but there is a dark side too – she has what we affectionately call the “warrior cry” that bellows out right before pulling hair, scratching faces, or pinching skin.  Ha! She’s a tough little thing.

She most definitely gives me baby fever.  I am positively crazy for this little one and want a million more of her.

2014-11-13_000210 month baby photos in a fieldFlower Mound Baby Photographer


There’s something about seeing a couple of boys playing around on a lakeside fishing dock that just screams summer.  The minute I saw this dock at White Rock Lake I knew it would be perfect for these two brothers.  In fact, it was so perfect that I ended up dragging my two kiddos to it as well!  And I’m sorta dying to go back…. anyone up for some lakeside portraits?? 🙂

boys on a fishing dockwhite rock lake photoswhite rock lake photographer

Summer is officially over and the school year has begun.  I always love doing Back to School photo sessions – it’s a perfect way to see the growth and maturity from year to year.  Now let’s just step back for a minute and take a minute to look at these images.  Yes you are seeing the two cutest sisters ever.  Yes they are in the most precious outfits ever.  And YES they are wearing boot socks!  They thought it was funny when I asked if I could  borrow them, but I wasn’t kidding.  I promptly purchased my very own just this week.  Who needs Vogue magazine anyhow?  I get my fashion ideas from my fabulous three and five year old clients.

Dallas Photographer School PhotographyDallas Back to School Photos

This little ray of sunshine is THREE!  I am in love with this giant sun mural in Deep Ellum, and it was the perfect backdrop for Mr. J’s birthday photographs.  Isn’t he just the cutest, happiest, and most smile inducing little guy ever?  I just can’t help but feel happy when I look at these pictures.  Happy Birthday, buddy!  I hope your dinosaur party was the best.


sun mural in deep vellumbest photographer deep vellum, TXDeep Ellum Portraits