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Let’s talk about babysitters.  If you haven’t read this article from Scary Mommy before, do it.  So true and funny! Obviously, when you start searching for a babysitter you are looking for some key things – are they trustworthy, good with kids, punctual, honest, etc.  I think you also want to make sure they can deal with your brand of crazy pretty well.  In our house that means animal hunting with our son and an aversion to clothing (except princess dresses) for our daughter.

You see this beautiful girl? Our family is lucky enough to call Hannah our babysitter!  My kids LOVE her.  Like really, really love her.  And we do too! However I think she must be slightly crazy too, because she keeps willingly coming to our house to watch Steve Irwin Junior and Princess Anna the Second.  Aside from the time that the “family pet lizard” (our son’s description, NOT mine) lost his tail and sweet Hannah let our son study it under the microscope and do other “experiments” as it wiggled, I do believe Hannah has mostly walked away from our house unscathed and not too mentally tortured.

Congratulations, Hannah, on your upcoming graduation!  We adore you!

A girl that can rock BOTH a pair of soccer cleats and her high heels?  Yes, please!  This senior girl not only tears it up on the soccer field (she’s heading to St. Edwards University to play this fall), but she is as beautiful and sweet as they come.  I know she has to be a rock star soccer player, but my favorite thing about photographing Miss Cindy is that she has the most STUNNING smile….. and she just can’t help but to use it!

Getting to photograph Cindy’s passion for her senior portraits was a lot of fun for me.  I love to show off a senior’s personality, hobbies, and talents!

This beautiful senior is an artist… off to the Rhode Island College of Design this fall to pursue her passion.  She is an illustrator and as she puts it “has a lot of varied interests.”  How cool is that?  Really…. I think quite a few adults my age and older didn’t find a passion until later on in life.  Of course, many did….and I remember being a high school student and envious of that passion.  I always felt that I had something to say…. I needed a creative outlet.  I wasn’t much of a writer, was a dreadful singer, and found my drawing limit to be one notch above stick figures.  In high school I did find photography, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that I found my voice with it.  Anyhow, all of this to say that I LOVE to see high school seniors that have already found a passion and calling in life.  This sweet girl is going to do amazing things!


I have been itching to go to the Dallas Performing Arts Center with a client.  The architecture, lines, and pops of color are so unique and I knew they would be perfect for a senior portrait session.

Then enter this guy —->


Ummm, he is hilarious!  One of those clients that you immediately click with and understand that the whole session will be laid back with lots of laughter.  On the one hand he doesn’t seem to take life too seriously but on the other he has some BIG plans for his future. That’s always one of my favorite topics with high school seniors – “what are your plans after this?” I get so excited to hear what they have to say….. and then I look over at their mom’s face and it is usually filled with a combination of pride and tears.

Well, here is to your future Mr. Funny Guy!  I enjoyed getting to know, talk a little camera talk, and take your senior portraits.




When I first moved to Flower Mound in 2005, this guy was a 3rd grader right down the hall from my classroom.  And now he is all grown up and ready to graduate!  Time goes way too fast.  I loved that he brought his giant fluffball dog to the session too! Raider was a good doggie and gave me all his best smiles :).


February in Fort Worth and it was a gorgeous sunny day.  The type of day where the light breeze perfectly compliments the sun, which is barely peeking behind a gorgeous cloudy day.  Add to the fact that I was photographing a stunning senior girl in Sundance Square, and I was one happy photographer.  As you can see, Sundance Square offers SO much diversity and is an awesome location for photographing a high school senior.  I love the brickwork, tall buildings, sparkly lights, water fountains, and awesome view from the top of a parking garage.

I ADORE these images and am so excited to share them!


My husband and I first moved to Flower Mound in 2005.  Texas was an adventure for us – I had graduated from college and had my first job as a 3rd grade teacher in Lewisville ISD.  I taught with an INCREDIBLE group of women.  They were my family.  My colleague’s son was also a 3rd grader that same year.  It was funny because we were both new to third grade so we would look over the class work her son was bringing home for inspiration and affirmation :). And now, here he is…. all grown up and headed to college.  Gosh does it make me feel like a real grown up to say that I remember a college student as a child.  And it’s so funny for me to think of that very first group of students that I taught all grown and off to college themselves.  Time flies.

Getting to photograph this senior was awesome.  I got to catch up with his mom, talk about his future, and enjoy a beautiful sunset at Grapevine Lake.

Time flies when you are having fun!


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This session was a dream.  Beautiful high school senior, Dallas wildflowers, and an antique chair… it doesn’t get any better! We met over at Arbor Hills in Plano, which is a perfect photography location.  I love the variety of images we were able to get.  I love wildflowers, but it’s also fun to get the trees and rocks too.  All in all it was a perfect evening!

dallas senior photographerarbor hills photo sessionarbor hills wildflowersarbor hills photographerfloppy hat senior photo sessionwildflowers in plano photo sessionplano_arbor_hills_photographerblack and white at arbor hills

Awhile back a group of my photography friends and I got together for a senior shoot-out. It’s always good to practice your skills on subjects who are not paying clients – the pressure is off to “perform” and you get a chance to flex some creative muscle. We met in downtown McKinney, which is a fabulous location for seniors.  It reminds me a lot of downtown Roanoke – lots of brightly colored walls, funky brickwork, and an urban aesthetic without the crowds/grime/traffic/etc. Not only did the session go great, but our group had a lot of fun too. Lots of laughs, photography chat, and catching up!

urban senior girlMcKinney senior photosdallas family photographer senior session in mckinley txsenior photos by dallas photographer missy mayosenior photos in mckinneydallas family photographer missy mayo black and white seniorDowntown Mckinney

Photographing all of these fresh faced and excited High School Seniors this Spring has left me thinking about my own high school graduation.  I remember the excitement of moving out, the opportunity to meet new friends EVERY SINGLE DAY, and the inevitable nervousness of starting a new chapter.  It’s an exhilarating feeling.  I get so excited for these teens that I get a chance to meet and talk with.  And, to be honest, I do get a bit of envy – who wouldn’t want to go back in time for a bit a relive their college “glory days?”  But I’ve been there and done that and I’m 100% positive that I really like my stage of life now.  Besides, I think I have PTSD from waiting tables all through college (who else has server nightmares?).

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 and to Mr. Sam – I am thrilled for your future!

Grapevine Lake Senior PhotoGrapevine Lake Senior PhotographerGrapevine Lake Senior Photography

Let’s review a photographer’s dream photoshoot (or at least this photographer’s):

A.) Inspiring location, preferably showcasing mother nature and the beauty of the great outdoors

B.) Stunning model – instinctively knows how to pose, carefree and natural, inner beauty shines through

C.) Perfect light

So to recap this session – check, check, and check.  This senior was a complete sweetheart.  I was in heaven.  My evening was perfect!

Best Senior Photographer in Flower Mound, TX

This fall Sydney will be a theater major at the greatest school  – The University of Oklahoma.  As fortunate as she is get to live in NORMAN (my hometown), I’m pretty certain the University is twice as lucky to get her.  We figured a big city atmosphere would be a perfect fit for her portraits.  Well, along with the big buildings and downtown vibe , we also experienced some “colorful” urban characters.  Eek.  One gentlemen was kind of determined to steal the spotlight from Sydney and become the next face of Missy Mayo Photography.  Ha!  Sydney took it all in stride though and we had a great time.  Congratulations!

Deep Ellum Senior PortraitsFlower Mound Senior PhotographerFlower Mound PhotographerDallas Senior Photographer


William happened to be my very first senior photo session for 2014. And, I have to say, it was a grand slam. He reminded me so much of my youngest brother – blond headed, easy going, smart, and an all around nice guy. Couple that with a beautiful evening at the lake and I have to say that this senior session was perfect.

William is off to do great things.   He has already been accepted at college and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering (smart, remember!).  He has more figured out his senior year of high school than many do their senior year at college.  Congratulations, William!

2014-03-23_00042014-03-23_00052014-03-23_00032014-03-23_0002Flower Mound Senior Photographer

I was ecstatic to be able to photograph this beauty for some modeling head and body shots.  I mean, she is such an All American girl – long flowing hair, a killer smile complete with dimples, sparkling eyes, and legs that just don’t stop.  I’m pretty sure I just met a future Gap model.  She is just lovely.

2014-03-23_00142014-03-23_00132014-03-23_0015Dallas Model Headshots